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The unmatched elegance and grandeur of the Escarpment House, complemented by its modern, eclectic interior and panoramic cityscape views, make it a venue unlike any other. Fully equipped to execute premiere special events, the estate boasts four levels of possibilities, on nearly 200 acres of outdoor space.

The property accommodates both multi-day and daily rentals for events of up to 50 people, and permits furniture in main areas to be rearranged accordingly.

Notable features include:


14,000 square feet of living space

Gated entrance

Wine cellar dining room

Satellite TV, wifi and SONOS surround sound

Chef’s kitchen

Inground outdoor pool & gazebo

Media room

Ample parking

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While we do permit guests to host their own special events, we do not offer the planing services of a traditional venue.

Hosting your event requires an exclusive booking of the home and property, subject to the rates and minimum stays applicable by the season. The summer season runs from Victoria Day to Thanksgiving, with rates starting at $28,000 for up to a 4 night weekend stay, reducing to $18,000 for a 3 day midweek stay. In the winter season, the weekend rate is $18,000 for a 3 night stay and midweek stays start at $10,000 for 2 nights. 

Rates above include a maximum of 20 guests, while special events up to 50 people in size incur a $3,000 premium for each day the property hosts more than 20 people. 

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